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Meet the Lawyers of Norton Rose Fulbright

Client: Norton Rose Fulbright


Female lawyer at Norton Rose Fulbright


In tackling the brief we set out to make a collection of videos, each answering a series of questions about what it’s like to work as a lawyer at the firm. Location-wise we had a handful of options within the office itself, eventually settling on a cafeteria area lit by floor-to-ceiling windows along one side. We rotated around and changed up the background between interviews while maintaining the same framing from one to the next.


In conjunction with the filming, to optimize the use of the space and availability of the lawyers, we had a secondary setup in the room for shooting headshots. This greatly reduced our impact and cost to the company, enabling us to shoot a large pool of multi-purpose visual content in a relatively short space of time. This was especially important at a moment when employees were still mostly working from home.

Female lawyer headshot at Norton Rose Fulbright



With a tonne of great re-useable material remaining on the cutting room floor, we delivered 5 x 4-minute capsules for social media, one per lawyer, to be rolled out across the company’s social media pages, as well as a two-minute trailer for the series.

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